Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why I Started a Kayak Blog

I know! This post should have been my first, but wanted to take some time and reflect before posting it. A little about myself. I'm a middle age guy, just shy of the half century mark. :-0 I'm married to a wonderful wife (Rachel) and have two teenage boys, two cats - I promise NOT to blog about them! ;-), a house, a mortgage and live in Durham, North Carolina. I discovered my passion for kayaking following the purchase of our first kayak - a tandem Mainstream Escapade. We purchased the kayak "used" from our church's yard sale held in the summer. We paid only $50.00 for it! I checked both used and new Mainstream Escapade prices on the Web and the prices ranged from $400.00 - $600.00 dollars! We got a bargain!

Currently, my paddling has been limited to Lake Michie, NC. This lake is conveniently located just 12 miles from my house and is just a quick 15 minute drive over some back roads to get to the boat ramp launch area. I plan to "branch out" in the future since there are many great paddling areas close by and just over the border in Virginia.

Since I am an English Major and "frustrated" columnist ;-) (written off and on for a local newspaper)... I decided to "marry" these two passions of mine together and write about what I'm passionate about! Hence, Durhamblogger was born!

Hopefully you will enjoy reading about my kayak adventures. Please leave your comments and let's get a dialog going.

As always, thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned. More to come!

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