Thursday, October 1, 2009

Road Trip End. Now to get Your Kayak to the Water

Ok. You followed my advice and used an approved rack system to safely transport your kayak to a favorite paddling site. Congratulations! Now, how do you get it safely (read no back injuries!) to the water's edge? Well; if it is light enough, and many single seat kayaks weigh in the 25lb - 35lb range, you can easily carry it to the water.

But what about those heavier models - like my tandem Mainstream Escapade that weighs in at 65lbs? Two persons can carry these heavier kayaks since most models have convenient bow and stern handles.
And; if you are going solo, you can utilize a canoe / kayak dolly that allows one person to easily pull the boat to the water's edge for your next paddling adventure!

How do you get your kayak to the water's edge?

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