Saturday, October 17, 2009

Duke Women's Rowing Team - A Close Encounter on Lake Michie!

10/17/09 - Lake Michie, NC

Yes indeed! I had a close encounter with the Duke Women's Rowing Team Saturday morning on Lake Michie! (10/17/09). Actually, the young ladies startled me on my return leg to the boat ramp! I was stroking hard against both a stiff breeze and current, when I hear voices coming up behind me. I threw a glance over my left shoulder and saw two sweep boats passing on the port side... and quickly looking over my right shoulder, another sweep boat bearing down on my starboard side! Looks like I had just joined the Duke women's flotilla! :-) I quickly turned starboard and stroked hard to get out of the young ladies' way. Thankfully, they too were on their final leg and were slowing down and resting their oars. We exchanged "good mornings" and being the good marketer I am ;-) ... I explained that I kept a kayak blog and would be posting their photos shortly. They got pretty excited about the prospect of seeing their photos on the Web. Hopefully some of them will remember my blog's URL and will leave their comments!

And now, for the rest of my kayak adventures that Saturday morning! It was pretty cool with temperatures in the upper 40's F to low 50's F. Again, I'll let my photos do most of the "talking." ;-)
Paddling west up the Flat River
Crossing under Bahama Road bridge

Remains of a dock

Large granite rock formationsA bend in the river
Another massive rock formation
Trees starting to show their fall colors
Flat River starting to narrow quickly

Getting a little "tight" ;-)

Almost like jungle here

You bet my paddle is striking bottom here!

Wisely deciding to turn around

Sun trying to break through cloud cover

Mid morning on Lake Michie
Did run through a couple rain showers

Getting out to a wider waterway

Made a landing - need to stretch!

Super dense forest here

Quick snack and water break

More beauty on the lake

Close encounter with a fisherman. Actually there was a bass tournament being held and there were lots of boating traffic I had to avoid


  1. The Duke ladies were on their return leg... and slowing down... so I was able to get some up close photos of the rowing team! And Lake Michie is always beautiful too. :-) Thanks for stopping by Durhamblogger. Hope you will check back frequently!


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