Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autumn Splendor - Part Two

10/25/09 - Lake Holt, Butner, NC

Here is my promised "second part" to my Lake Holt posting. More beauty! What a great time of the year to be kayaking! :-)

Following a side creek.

Sun emerged behind the low hanging clouds and reflected off the water.

Trees near the shoreline experience accelerated erosion because of exposure to wind and water action. This one has been dead for a while.
You can clearly see the water level is 2 - 3 feet below normal. Several trees have exposed root structures and will soon suffer the same fate as the above tree.

I don't get tired of taking photos or looking at these scenes!

I tried to paddle between these land masses (upper right), but because of low water levels, did not make it. I ended up paddling around the far left of the large island.

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  1. I had a nice comment left on my facebook page to share:

    "Enjoyed reading your blog - fall is my favorite time up at Kerr Lake, too. We were up there the beginning of Oct. and the boat was sitting in mud. The water sure is low!"

    - Mari


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