Friday, October 30, 2009

Autumn Splendor - Part Three

10/25/09 - Lake Holt, Butner, NC

And here are my final photos from my Lake Holt paddling adventure. It was a memorable trip. Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words!

Holt Dam spill control machinery and structures. Suspended walkway leads to pathway on the earthen dam and spillway.

No words needed here!

Another sign of the low water levels and lack of rainfall. I had to be careful as I followed the shoreline because of debris just below the surface.

Appearances can be deceptive! It "looks" like clear and navigable waters between the island and shoreline. But in fact, because of below normal rainfall amounts, it rapidly bottomed out to only a couple inches of water! I "discovered" this the hard way - got stuck :-(... but with some effort worked myself free and retraced my path to deeper waters. :-)

Boats moored near launch ramp. There is a $3.00 launch fee.

"Rear" view of moored boats. Service road leads to a combo snack bar and station for the attendant who manges this site for the town of Butner.

View of Lake Holt from the attendant station porch. Holt Lake has many picnic areas and benches for taking in this great scenery!

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