Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn Splendor - Part One

10/25/09 - Lake Holt, Butner, NC

I branched out to a new paddling area this past weekend - Lake Holt in Butner, NC. It was a gorgeous partly cloudy day with temperatures in the upper 50's F. I put in late morning and paddled into the early afternoon. The autumn leaf colors were spectacular and I took so many pictures that I need to break my Lake Holt paddling adventure into several posts! Here is Part one. Enjoy!

Boat launch ramp area.

One of many beautiful coves found on Lake Holt.

Sunrise services are held here.

Autumn in all its splendor!

Holt Dam and spillway. Boating and fishing is prohibited within 50 feet of these structures. It is a steep drop from the spillway - don't want to experience that "adventure" in my kayak! ;-)

More of autumn's "best"!

A wall of the Holt Dam. Note the water draining from the top and the low water level. It has been a very dry fall in this region.

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  1. These are nice photos. I look forward to seeing your fall color photos from this year! Late October and November are hard months in Maine, short days and bare trees.


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