Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Lake Michie Adventure!

10/10/09 - Lake Michie, NC

Hi gang! I thought that Satterwhite Point, NC was to be my next paddling trip, but it did not work out that way. Instead, I settled on another trip to Lake Michie (See Lake Michie, NC - Our First Kayak Adventure and Return to Lake Michie for more details on Lake Michie). But it almost did not happen! Saturday morning (10/10/09) dawned overcast with dark clouds, breezy conditions, and a 50% chance of rain. However, being the brave and optimistic soul that I am, I loaded up my kayak (solo trip this time) into my truck, threw in my gear, some lunch and water bottles... and got on the road to Lake Michie, approximately 12 miles away from the house. I kept anxiously glancing at the threatening skies as I drove along some secondary roads to the lake. Yep, sure enough! The little blue patches I had seen earlier through the cloud bank disappeared and it started to "spit" rain. I bravely drove through a few rain patches thinking it would let up and when it did not, I reluctantly turned around and headed back to the house. My wife tried to consul me, but my mind was made up. If I could not paddle today, by gosh, I was going to go shop for some kayak gear! :-) My wife tagged along with me to my favorite outdoor provision store (REI) with the excuse she wanted to "look around," But knew she wanted to keep an eye on my spending! ;-)

Anyhow, I purchased a kayak dolly (See my post Kayak Dollies Or Pulling Your Own Weight for buying tips) and some water resistant paddling pants and thermal socks. I plan to do some paddling in the colder months too.

Got back to the house and checked the radar for more precipitation. Seeing little rain I decided not to waste a Saturday afternoon hanging around the house... and headed back to Lake Michie. This time the rain did hold off and it cleared up some once I arrived at the boat launch ramp.

I'll let my photos do the rest of my "talking." :-)

Heading east under rain swollen clouds. Note my rain gear lashed to the bow!

Turning north toward Monk Creek One of many side creeks along the way
"Caught" a Blue Heron in my lens!
Another shot of my friend
Discovered an island - I call it Mike's Island! ;-)
First landing on Mike's Island
Quick snack and water break at Mike's Island
Nice view - looking north on the island
Folks have been here before - an abandoned fire pit
Gorgeous view - again looking north
Another landing - shoreline near Mike's Island
Walking in land through the forest
Back home again! Ready for another kayak adventure soon! :-)

Tell us about your recent kayak adventure!

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